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FAQ from customers

What is meant by sourdough?

Bread containing sour fermented dough used as a levain in making bread which give a distinctive sour tangy taste to the bread

What percentage of brown and white flour?

In the sourdough you have 20% rye flour and 80% wheat flour.

Is any bread gluten/wheat free?

No, apart from the 100% rye who contains wheat and traces of gluten from the flour around.

Is the bread ok for people with nuts allergies?

All the bread might have traces of nuts and some contain nuts.

Does any of the bread has dairy in it? Does it contain eggs?

None of our bread contains any dairy or eggs, only the focaccia contain oil.

Is the bread made here?

All our bread is produce overnight in our bakery close to the jewellery quarter.

Do you do rolls/cobs/baps?

We do make them but on order only, there is a minimum order of 15 rolls

Can you slice it?

Yes we will be happy to hand slice it.

Can the bread be frozen?

The bread can be frozen but will not come out the same as fresh bread.


Are any of the pastries suitable for diabetics?

No unfortunately none of our pastries is suitable for diabetics

Is any of the pastries gluten free?

No unfortunately for the moment none are available but we are working to produce some gluten free pastries

Are the pastries suitable for vegetarian and vegans?

They are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans as they contain butter, cream or eggs.

Are the croissant made with real butter?

Yes they are made from scratch by our baker, they do contains eggs in them

Does any pastry contain alcohol?

Apart from the rum baba none of our patisseries contain alcohol.

Are they suitable for people with nuts allergies?

Some of ours pastries are suitable for nut allergies however the still might have traces of nuts. We are using walnuts, almond, hazelnut and pine nuts.

Do you do birthday, celebration cake? Can you deliver?

We do make cakes for special event a list of sizes and prices will be available

How long do they keep for? Can you freeze them?

They will keep well for a day or two as long as they are kept in the fridge. We wouldn’t recommend freezing them.

Are they made here? Are they home made?

All of our pastries are produce daily in our bakery close to the jewellery quarter.

Kings Heath   0121 444 8167

Moseley       0121 449 4413